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How Good is Your Problem Solving?

Problem Solving – something that is requested more and more by any company to their Teams.

And what is exactly “Problem Solving”? Some may ask…

Check this web site and take a look on how good you are on it.

Mind Tools –


“I need more time…” – or just to do a better Planning


How many of us have, more than once, had this though “I need more time…”? I could bet that everyone at least once in life had it.

And why do we think that time is passing and that we need more time? Is it because we still have several tasks to perform in one day? Or is it because we think and feel that we haven’t yet did enough for today?

Time management is something that affects each and one of us, at work, with our family and friends and especially with ourselves, because normally we forget to have time to ourselves.

Always worried with others, with the tasks we need to perform that we forget how important it is to recharge ours batteries. And how do we do that?

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