How many of us have, more than once, had this though “I need more time…”? I could bet that everyone at least once in life had it.

And why do we think that time is passing and that we need more time? Is it because we still have several tasks to perform in one day? Or is it because we think and feel that we haven’t yet did enough for today?

Time management is something that affects each and one of us, at work, with our family and friends and especially with ourselves, because normally we forget to have time to ourselves.

Always worried with others, with the tasks we need to perform that we forget how important it is to recharge ours batteries. And how do we do that?

By doing things that give us pleasure – reading, writing, playing with the kids, go out and see a movie… the multitude of things that gives a person pleasure are so many has each one of us is different from the other.

All this is quite nice but reality normally tell us that is not that easy, so the question remains, “how can I have more time?”

One of the keys to have more time is PLANNING, with a simple plan on how your day can be… notice that I say “can be” and not “is going to be” … can make a huge difference on how you react to the daily stress or even the unexpected situations.

Try to do this exercise … come on it’s easy and quick, you will see 🙂

Pick up a pen and paper.

Write the list of all tasks you need to do tomorrow, if you want just write the major ones, no need to put them by order, just write 🙂


  • go to dry cleaner
  • drive kids to school
  • morning meditation
  • dentist appointment
  • eat lunch
  • meeting with customer
  • pick up kids from school
  • etc …

After having your list written, put the pen a side, close your eyes and take some seconds to breath, in and out slowly, open your eyes and assign to each task a number taking in consideration some aspects like:

  • starting hour
  • the time you need to get to destination
  • do the task it self
  • eat and even breath 🙂

Try to make your one mental map on where, how you are going to get those tasks done. You will get something like this:

  • 4 – go to dry cleaner
  • 2 – drive kids to school
  • 1 – morning meditation
  • 3 – dentist appointment
  • 5 – meeting with customer
  • 6 – pick up kids from school
  • etc …

If you want rewrite them again on the god order.

Tomorrow, take your list with you and each time a task is done, strikethrough  it from list and if the order number is OK, just tick it, if not just assign its new number and in an worst scenario, if you didn’t do it – try to identify why.

You will have something like:

  • 4 – go to dry cleaner – 3
  • 2 – drive kids to school OK
  • 1 – morning meditation OK
  • 3 – dentist appointment 4
  • 5 – eat lunch – go out late from dentist
  • 6 – meeting with customer
  • 7 – pick up kids from school
  • etc …

Tip – note on your list how much time you took to do each task and if you were interrupted by someone or something (we will come back to these “time takers” later).

Try to do our planing each day during a week and see if you can identify why you say “I need more time…”

Being able to STOP and think about all the why’s of not having enough time to do the things you want to do and love is the first step to acknowledge thatlife tomorrow something needs to change.

So, accept our challenge and give us your feedback on how did your planning evolved during the days you did it.

Tip: do your planning @night before going to sleep and remember to put in your ‘agenda’ time for the unexpected!!

The Alchemy of Being Happy

PS. Don’t forget to eat!!! 🙂


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