Why is attitude so important in our lives?

I have passed the last months talking with friends about how attitude can change and even improve your live.

I remember seeing a short film, if we can call it like that, where the message was behaviour changes behaviour, during a long time I didn’t understand quite well this message and even supposed it was not very clear how it was possible to make others improve just by taking in consideration my one behaviour, them, my world map suffer a huge discovery 🙂 

I just realized that the change of behaviour/attitude should not be for others it should be especially for me, for my auto preservation and even for my wellbeing and that if I accepted to change, to evolve the biggest beneficiary it would be me.

Then a second discovery, if I can change, others can also do it and even be inspired by mewow!! – suddenly I realize that behaviour can change behaviour and that the attitude I take when facing whatever life send’s to me can define who I am and even the consequences and results of that same attitude.I can chose my path!

Does it make sense to keep arguing with someone that is focus in numbers when you are focus in dreams? Seriously, think about it… of course not, except if you change your attitude and stop trying to make the other dream and give her/him the opportunity to express her/his ideas. Who knows what you may discover 🙂

Take the 1st step and listen, but really listen don’t prepare an answer to every word, keep an open mind, but especially accept that others are very different from you at all levels and you know what? It hurts to accept that! Not being able to make the other think, act, live like me but you know another thing? After acceptance everything becomes easier.

To deal with the differences on how each one sees life, how you deal with problems, some make a list of positive and negative points and then decide, others just go with the flow and others decide to make like if the problem is not there, and others…. Well, each one finds its own way, BUT if you can accept that makes you be just in the right track to improve your attitude for yourself and for others.

Try to make, like a great friend of mine says, a big brother show of yourself, imagine a camera filming every attitude you have trough others and to yourself during an entire day, week, month, after site down, connect the camera to your inner TV and watch the film.

You will be amazed of how many attitudes you will say ” I could have done it different” / ” I could have answered a different thing”/”why I didn’t gave it time to speak?” and I could go on with other ideas, but again, this is my world map, my mind and you have 100% the right to have different points of view, ideas, dreams.

I normally write this blog in English and Portuguese and like so many other languages in the world I’m able to express the same idea in several different ways, and I can assure you that I try to do my best, and how can I chose the best way? Let me tell you a secret I think – yeh… that simple! .

If you start thinking when related to your attitudes you will find diverse ways of saying the same message, of getting yourself listened by other and even understood, that will get you less problems more motivation and wellbeing and even a great life!!

Attitude can be a door open in your life, just work it out and discover how amazing life can be with the right attitude! 🙂


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  1. I completely agree, our mindset greatly influences our happiness, succes and many other things in life. Nick Vujicic is a man without arms or legs. His mantra is “Attitude is altitude! ” I highly recommend you look for a video about Nick on youtube. He is a very inspirational individual.

    Warm regards,


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